Meeting other HE Mums

Wow what an experience, one blog I read discussed that all parents that home school couldn’t all be weird! and she was right. We took the plunge and met with four wonderful parents who home schooled their children to get an idea of what the journey of HE was like and how it would impact my family and their lives.

So as a family we took the children out of school early today and they came with us to find out what HE was all about. The children were all friendly and well-adjusted (to be honest exactly what I would of expected) so myth #1 children who are home schooled are socially awkward, blown completely out the water (never believed it myself). My son for the first time in his life went off and played with children he didn’t know, this is not normal behaviour for him. My little superstar also know as DD, enjoyed it so much she’s now trying to convince me to remove her from school, think I need time to work with that idea, as want to sort one out first.

They have managed to settle any fears I have had especially regarding DS doing the work and what structure it should take.

Also spoke to some one from our local council, absolutely brilliant person who gave me the ins and outs, if there was any legal implications, how I needed to go about de-registering DS from school, and when the best time to do it would be.

Shall be waiting to see if the ex comes back and discusses what has gone on today…..


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