Why am I setting up this Blog and who am I!!

I am setting up this blog to chart the highs and lows of researching and starting to home education my son of 8 years. I am a Mum to 2 children. Besides my son I have also been blessed with my daughter who is 10 years of age. I have a wonderful husband who is still a little wary of the situation and the children’s father who I am still friends with who also shares my husbands uncertainty of the situation. So why are we looking at HE? My DS has had 2 years of unsettled education, experiencing issues with two boys who have bullied him, an extremely unhelpful head who after one contact was made decided that DS was lying and that was it, end off, a physical assault resulting in a head injury (dealt with poorly), and absent teachers who are either off due to stress? or due to other reasons. This has all resulted in him dropping academically and a teacher who says he is working at or just above national average (but can’t be taught the times tables as not ready for it). The issues continue however the decision came when my little boy turned round and told me he didn’t want to go to school as he was scared of getting hurt! No child should fear going into a classroom, they should have the ability to feel comfortable talking to their teachers, not fear them and this was just not happening at his school. After a period of looking round different schools, some were good with no spaces available, some were poor, some were outside of our area however nothing was suitable or to our standards. This is when HE started to become a conceivable idea. So how did the family react when we started discussing the idea? would love to say it was all roses, however most family members were happy to trust my judgement, one particular member of the family has become extremely upset at the idea, she has gone into a complete melt down, and this has resulted in the argument of what makes me think I am able to HE, is what I am going to do legal after all it is a legal requirement to go to school (myth by the way). Pointing out The Education Act requires that children are educated not that they attend a school to receive it. All though we have arrived at issues none agreement from the extended family, my support is given to my son, what is best for him is what is important to us. So later today we shall investigate HE a little further by going to a meeting held by some parents who already have taken this path, and maybe things shall be clearer then……


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