Reasons I will not miss the school run….. Spiteful children

Having had a few days off wondering if my decision was the right one today has helped to establish it will be a better idea. Stood on the playground tonight listening to the children play whilst awaiting the exit of my lovely daughter I had the pleasure of listening to little Emma telling her class mate that she ‘really didn’t know why Sally wore summer dresses with a figure like hers’. gob smacked is not the word to hear such a vile comment come from a child’s mouth towards a friend it was awful thing to hear, Sally was not fat, she was the average size for an eight year old child. However later I approached the mother about an unrelated incident and discovered exactly where her child developed her venomous temperament. On this thought it reminds me exactly why the children in this class are the way they are, growing up with attitudes like that explains why they feel that it is acceptable to treat others as poorly as they do.

So as time progresses the idea further gains reinforcement, the pleasure I shall gain come September and I remove some of these said parents from facebook will allow me to remove these spiteful children who enjoy making others feel worse to make themselves feel better away from my son, not allowing them to continue destroying my child’s self esteem with nasty vindictive comments, criticizing him for not being tall enough, or fast enough or for having brown not blonde hair. Each child is different and these differences should be embraced not given a label and the child forced to be the same as the rest of the batch of class mates. My respect goes out to those children who don’t choose to be clones and try to set themselves apart with different hair, or bags or fashion sense. With this in mind I have decided to share this you tube clip that is doing the rounds if it can build just one girls self esteem then this video has done its job 🙂



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