So long school! Today was the last one in formal edcuation.

Today has been a mixture of different feelings, having sent my lovely children into school for the last day of the academic term, feelings of worry started to take hold. Am I doing the right thing? and is this going to work? Especially as my son can be a little stubborn and this could prove to be a problem, we have also been butting heads with my lovely daughter who is trying to be home schooled as well.

The thought of HS for her I think right now would be a disaster, she is such a brilliant girl and school is beneficial for her, she is doing well and has a selection of good friends, even if one of the boys ‘does her head in’.

The last few weeks has been extremely difficult, having spent time forcing him to go in, he received his school report which was less than impressive, and after requesting his academic levels we had to jump through hoops to get the information including an obstructive head, and hours of chasing teachers, one of which would not put them in writing!! Not sure what the fear was of handing them over especially for missy as she is achieving really well.

My little man however has also done a class assembly which whilst watching him and the rest of his class present the work they had built up over the last year, each child had a big beaming smile and a visible sense of achievement. My lovely boy did not smile once, the happy smiley boy that had started the year had disappeared in place was a withdrawn child who didn’t want to show his work or participate. Feelings that after talking to his class teacher he supported, it was admitted that Fred had never found his place in this class of 38 children and it was accepted that he was unhappy in the school and one of the concerns is that the school seemed to be totally unwilling to actually do anything to assist the problem, the drop in levels from good marks to below average in the space of a year also was not an indicator that my son is an unhappy little boy and something needed to be done.

So tomorrow starts the series of deschooling we shall see what that brings with it. Whilst work has been set out for Missy to do homework during the summer holidays so I have a totally unimpressed girly.


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